August 21, 2012 Patch

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First Anniversary, Aug. 21st 2012

General Info

First Anniversary was the patch introduced on August 21, 2012. The update introduced new NPCs, new quests and new items. It was supposed to run until September 25th, but due to technical difficulties, the entire Oktoberfest was scrapped and the Happy Halloween patch was introduced on October 23rd.

Newly Added


Piece of Cake.png Piece of Cake
Birthday Cake.png Birthday Cake
Gold Banana.png Gold Banana
Fragrant Flower.png Fragrant Flower
1st Anniversary Coin.png 1st Anniversary Coin
1st Anniversary Egg.png 1st Anniversary Egg
1st Anniversary Gift Box.png 1st Anniversary Gift Box


Gaomon Icon.png DATS Center Gaomon (NPC)
Lalamon Icon.png DATS Center Lalamon (NPC)
Agumon Icon.png DATS Center Agumon (NPC)

Quests and Events

Happy Birthday! DMO!

Just stay connected to receive loads of gifts!
30 minutes Giant Growth Fruit
1 hour Gold Banana
3 hours 1st Anniversary Egg
5 hours 1st Anniversary Coin

There's nothing like a cake to celebrate a birthday!

Collect the special event items by hunting enemy Digimon and build a birthday cake. Prizes await those who manage to collect the most cakes.

Trick or Treat!

Collect Ghost Cookies (× 300) to exchange them for a Halloween Gift Box in Soulmon (NPC)s shop! Prizes await those who manage to get and open a Halloween Gift Box!

Sweet fragrance of flowers in the air!

Enemy Digimon drop fragrant flowers. Exchange them for boxes of gifts.

Get the word out!

A commemorative photo zone has been prepared at DATS Center to celebrate the 1st Anniversary. Take a picture at the photo zone, post it on the Digimon or game community websites, and congratulate DMO on its first birthday. Then, post a verifiable URL and a screenshot on the forum event to be entered for a chance to win prizes.

What do we need? Speed~!!!

Your base movement speed is increased by 30% for the duration of the special events.

Patch Notes

Hello, this is Digimon Masters!

It all started with a dream, a dream to walk inside the digital world: to be able to have a Digimon as a companion or a best friend, A year ago all of that is just a dream but now that dream is very much alive in all of us who are experiencing what is like to be able to explore the wonders of Digital World.

A childhood Dream, A Fantasy that is now a reality

Congratulation to Digimon Masters First Anniversary!

We won’t be here today if it wasn’t for all of our players who supported us in every step of the way and to celebrate our first anniversary we had prepared lots of exciting events for all of our players to enjoy!

Digimon Masters First Aniversary event

  1. Happy Birthday DMO
  2. There's nothing like a cake to celebrate a birthday
  3. Sweet Fragrance of flowers in the air
  4. A Special 1st Anniversary Exp. Event
  5. Get the word out
  6. What do we need? Speed!!!


GM - team