August 11, 2015 Patch

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Blizzarmon! Evolve into Arbormon!

Blizzarmon, with the power of Ice, and Arbormon, with the power of Tree will update.

Do not miss out the two week opportunity of directly obtaining the new Spirit Evolved forms!

  • Event Period: August 11, 2015 ~ August 25, 2015
  • Price: 65 Silk


The appearance of Lucemon: Satan Mode

Do not miss out on the 2-week opportunity to obtain Lucemon and Gehenna for evolve to Lucemon: Satan Mode.

  • Event Period: August 11, 2015 ~ August 25, 2015
  • Price: 115 Silk


Mini Card Game!! Beat Piedmon!

You can play a mini card game at the Dats Center with Piedmon NPC. Tamers must pay 10M game money and win an item by fighting Piedmon.

Open the cards in the order shown by Piedmon and you will receive the item on the last card you open.

  • Event items cannot be traded.
  • 3 play per day per Tamer during the event.


Attendance and connection reward event

Just Stay Connected to Receive Loads of Gifts!

During the event, you will get items if you play the game for a specific time.

  • All the event items are not tradable.
  • Go to Briedgemon DatsCenter to get items with 2015 Aug Event coins.
  • Only 1 item can get on the list of 10 coins and 26 coins.



Digimon Masters Lucky Days event!

Players can get <Miracle Sapphire> item when you hunt monsters on any map during the event period!

  • <Miracle Sapphire> will drop randomly when you hunt monster.
  • An in-game announcement will be announced when someone use <Miracle Sapphire I>.


Digital world EXP event

During the event, Move Speed increases by 30%. Also 200% EXP gain for weekdays and 300% EXP gain for weekend.

June, July and August achievement event

Game Update

• A skip function during Digimon incubation has been added
• Battle information block has been added
Able to check the record at battle information when blocked
• Fix:
Fixed ability increase phenomenon according to the item attributes apply. We are aware that an error exist on stat apply increase more then intention when equip some of item if contains stat ability, Fixed it to applies normal.
Due to this problem occurred phenomenon of value increase on [Tamer information] [shortcut key C] > [Tamer skills], but it is now show normaly at detail information when placing the mouse on each of ability stat.
Due to this problem it seems like decrease tamers ability when equip attribute item, but it is fixed it to applies normal, so please do not misunderstand.
Fixed phenomenon of client terminate if block another user ID while the individual shops open.
Fixed entry items consumed phenomenon when not able to enter instance dungeon.
Fixed enter in instance dungeon move then 4 players
Improved phenomenon of dungeon server down through instance dungeon stabilization work.
• No individual shop and consignment shop can be opened around the NPC
You will not be able to open the individual shops and consignment shops within a certain radius of NPC
It will be maintained while the remaining period the consignment shops opened already without change position.
• Enhanced user blocking system
Enhanced user block system to normal, party, guild, whisper, bawling chat from normal, whisper chat.
It is able to block megaphone chat and guild megaphone chat with megaphone block item.