Area of Effect Skills

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List of Available Area of Effect Skills

Digimon Skill Cooldown
Effective Area
Attack Skill.png Memory Skills The Ruler of Space.png The Ruler of Space 30 Around the user
Fanglongmon Icon.png Fanglongmon Oukai.png Oukai 4 Around the user
Magnamon Icon.png Magnamon Extreme Jihad.png Extreme Jihad 6 Around the user
Apocalymon Icon.png Apocalymon (all version) Gran Death Big Bang.png Gran Death Big Bang 6 Around the user
KaiserGreymon Icon.png KaiserGreymon Kuzuryûjin.png Kuzuryûjin 5 Around the user
Susanoomon Icon.png Susanoomon Eight Thunder Gods.png Eight Thunder Gods 5 Around the user
Imperialdramon (Paladin Mode)(Jogress) Icon.png Imperialdramon
(Paladin Mode)(Jogress)
Positron Laser..png Positron Laser 10 Around the targeted enemy
Omegamon X Icon.png Omegamon X All Delete.png All Delete 600 Around the user (maximum range)
Gallantmon X Icon.png Gallantmon X Final Elysian..png Final Elysian 11 Linear
Megidramon Icon.png Megidramon Hell Howling.png Hell Howling 9 Around the user
Magnamon X Icon.png Magnamon X 4220.png Shining Gold Solar Storm 8 Around the targeted enemy
Duftmon X Icon.png Duftmon X Black Aura Blast..png Black Aura Blast 10 Linear
Valkyrimon Icon.png Valkyrimon Sanction Storm.png Sanction Storm 19 Around the targeted enemy