April 30, 2019 Patch

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Patch Title - "Picodevimon's Plot"

Important Notes:

1. CresGarurumon was added to the game.

2. The first UI Update:

  • Inventory increased from 84 to 150 slots.
  • Storage increased from 126 to 210 slots.
  • Batch scanning for scanning multiple items at once.
  • Scanning progress bar was removed and the item is scanned immediately.
  • Raid bosses event continues with new bosses, Devidramon on weekdays and Dokugumon on weekends. (appears at Silent Forest).

3. Log in rewards:

April login reward.png

Side notes:

  • 'New inventory item' notification icon was added.
  • Effect on top of the screen when 'High class' item is obtain. (definition of 'High class' was not specified)
  • You can use enter to use fruits (instead of mouse click)