April 26, 2016 Patch

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April 2016 event.png

  • [Event Period : Apr 26 ~ May 10, 2016]

"Seal Master System” renewal celebration

  1. Event description : Challenge to Seal master during event period. Tamers who did it with any other Digimon can obtain Digiegg as a reward.
  2. Event reward :
    • Tamer who newly achieve 15 or more than 15 Seal master(s)  : Jogress Random Digiegg Lv5
    • Tamer who newly achieve 10 or more than 10 Seal master(s) : Random Digiegg Lv5
    • Tamer who newly achieve 5 or more than 5 Seal master(s) : Random Digiegg Lv4-5
    • Tamer who already has 5 or more than 5 Seal master(s) : Random Digiegg Lv3-4 x 2ea
  3. DE buff effect is changed to AT.
  4. During event period, the drop rate for Seal item is increased. Do not miss this chance to get more power with seal item!
    • Drop rate 100% is increased (Compare to previous one, it’s “Double”)

  • Event reward will be provided on May 10, 2016 (After maintenance)
  • This event is for tamers who achieve Seal master(s) during event period.
  • Tamers who already has 5 or more than 5 Seal master(s) receive a reward, and only can obtain other reward with newly achieved Seal master(s).

Renewed Seal Master System

April2016 01.png

New Spirit Digimon ‘Lowemon’ update celebration

  1. Let’s obtain both Lowemon and achievement!​
    • If tamers obtain Lowemon, ‘Obtain Lowemon!’ achievement is completed and able to get ‘Spirit of Darkness! Lowemon’ title.
    • Achievement buff effect : Damage for skill of darkness attribute by 5%
  2. ‘Spirit of Shining Darkness H’ ranking event!!
    • Tamers who grow Lowemon up will get Crown reward based on how fast does tamer achieve the indicated goal. Ranking is calculated separately for each server.
    • How to join :
      • Hatch & Level up Lowemon till Lv99.
      • Exchange the Lowemon with ‘Spirit of Shining Darkness H’ through NPC Bokomon and the tamer will be automatically participated.
    • Event reward [provided on May 10, 2016 (After maintenance)]:
April2016 02.png
  • The Digimon which is used for the exchange (with Spirit of shining) can’t be retrieved.

New Digimon: Lowemon

April2016 03.png

Invite friends event! Let’ play Digimon Masters Online with friends!​

  1. Event summary : Both new & existing tamer obtain rewards when new tamer reaches certain level after recommend existing tamer.
  2. How to join this event :
    • Click “Friend Recommend” icon on Bottom right side
    • During event period, “Friend Recommend” window shows up when tamer level is lower than 6. (Can’t proceed “Friend Recommend ” when tamer level is higher than 5)
    • When someone accepts new tamer’s recommend, event window is created, and event reward provided depends on new tamer’s level.
    • The new tamer also get “Friend Recommend” from another new tamer when reached level 20.
  3. Event reward
April2016 04.png
  • Tamer which is higher than level 20 only accepts “Friend Recommend”
  • Existing tamer can accept “Friend Recommend” maximum 3 times.
  • Tamer can’t accept “Friend Recommend” while in a battle, away from keyboard or when moving to another map.
  • <Change tamer name> item cannot be used for tamer who accepts. (Item will still be available after the event finished)

Respond tamers! Return to Digimon Masters!

This event is only for tamers who didn’t login while Oct 27, 2015 ~ Apr 26(Before maintenance), 2016.
April2016 05.png

  • Event items are provided into Cash Warehouse.
  • Event items are not both tradable & exchangeable.
  • Event items are provided only once for each account.

Welcome Friends, Connection Rewards Event

Tamers can obtain below reward depending on time connected with Digimon Masters Online. Let’s enjoy with friends. April2016 06.png

Tamer Level Up!! Up!! Event

April2016 07.png

  • Level up gift chest is provided into Gift & Reward item storage as soon as tamers reach the listed level.
  • Event item is not both tradeable & exchangeable.
  • Gift chest is provided only once for each account.
  • New tamers which is created during event period only enjoy this event.

Thanks to you

We have prepared some gift for tamers who uses Digimon Masters consistently.

April2016 08.png

  • Connection records are counted based on Mar 5 ~ Apr 26, 2016
  • Event items are provided into Cash Warehouse.
  • Event items are provided only once for each account.
  • Event items are not tradable.

Level your tamers up with burning server

This 4 weeks never come again!! Tamers who exhausted by level up, increase your level with burning server!

  • Weekday : 200% Additional EXP
  • Weekend(Sat, Sun) : 300% Additional EXP
  • Mother’s Day (5/8) : 500% Additional EXP