April 22nd, 2014 Patch

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Murmukus largebanner.png



• Murmukusmon is released! Do not miss the 3 weeks chance to meet the limited sale!! (4/22~5/13, 3weeks)

Buy Murmukusmon and get 1 May Festival Coin as a bonus.

Randomly selected players from those who buy Murmukusmon will also get a “Mystery Reinforced Mercenary DigiEgg” and “Growth Factor 30 days” additionally.



  • The players who buy Murmukusmon and reach level 41 or higher, with unlocked Mega will get a “Mystery Reinforced Mercenary DigiEgg” and “Growth Factor 30 days”.
  • 20 players per server (100 players in total)
  • The Winner list will be announced after finished event

• Limited sales for Psychemon! (4/22~5/13, 3weeks)

"Psychemon" Digiegg is on limited sale only for 3 weeks


• Psychemon's last evolution slot 'Alarm Clock' has been added! (4/22~5/13, 3weeks)

Belphemon: Rage Mode's unlocked with item 'Alarm Clock', this item is a sale for limited time, only for 3 weeks.


• Just Stay Connected to Receive Loads of Gifts! (4/22~5/27, 5weeks)

Just Stay Connected to Receive Treasures of Tsukaimon (Murmukusmon)!



  • Go to Event NPC "Tsukaimon" at DATS Center to use the coins.
  • Jump Booster Random box (Obtain Jump booster items randomly)
• The festival for new tamers goes on! (4/22~5/27, 5weeks)

The Dats Center offers items for new tamers who visit Digital World for the first time during the event period.



  • Players can only participate in the event of “Reaching Digimonlevel” once per account
  • Newly tamers who start with starter partner digimon, will be receive the level box when Starter partner digimon reached certain level.
  • All players who create tamer, will received Expansion package..
  • Items are given away automatically, a gift box will be received when a player reaches a certain level
• Welcoming Digital World's Festival with friends! (4/22~5/27, 5weeks)

If you recommend Digimon Masters to your friend and the friend (New Tamer) registers you as the recommender during the event period, you will receive great prizes according to the levels reached by your friend (New Tamer).



  • Existing players can only be recommended if their levels are 20 or higher.
  • Players may be recommended by up to 3 players.
  • It is automatically rejected if you're battling, AFK, or moving through a map.
  • Your friend (New Tamer) must register you as a recommender for participation in the event.
  • You can only register one recommender, and receive recommendations from up to 3 players.
  • When your friend (New Tamer) reaches a level, you receive a reward in the game event icon.
  • You cannot change the name of either new or recommended Tamer until the event is over.
• <Beverage> Vending Machine Discount Event (4/22~5/13, 3weeks)

<Beverage> vending machine's items sell at half price after server maintenance on April 22 to May 13(for 3 weeks).

• Digital World Exp Event (4/22~5/27, 5weeks)

During the Event, you will gain 30% increased Movement Speed and 200% extra EXP on weekdays, 300% extra EXP on weekends.

• May Achievements Events (4/22~5/27, 5weeks)

[Game Update]

•April event has been ended
•May system events has started
•New digimon ‘ Tsukaimon (Murmukusmon)’ has been added (4/22~5/13, 3weeks)
•Limited sales of Psychemon digiegg has been started (4/22~5/13, 3weeks)
•Psychemon's last evolution slot 'Alarm Clock' has been added (4/22~5/13, 3weeks)
•<Beverage> Vending Machine’s items has been discounted (4/22~5/13, 3weeks)
•Partner Digimons’(Agumon, Lalamon, Falcomon, Gaomon) ability has been increased
•Accessories stone package has been upgraded (10+3pcs) - 49 Silk
•The price of number change stone item has been changed (7Silk > 5 Silk)
•Digimon deck system has been added!
•The background image on the tamer creation menu has been changed
•Mimi & Matt Package has been removed in the cash shop
•$1 Digiegg (Guilmon/Salagmon) has been removed in the cash shop
•Seasonal Avatars has been removed in the cash shop
    Figure Skate Dress Yoshino, Mimi-Only
    Skating Suit Savers-Only
    Snowboard Suit Adventure-Only