Akihiro Kurata

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Akihiro Kurata
(倉田 明宏 Kurata Akihiro)
Akihiro Kurata.png
Type Quest
Function Assigns many Main and Subquests
Yokohama Village
Dark Tower Wasteland

Akihiro Kurata is a notorious professor and one of the main antagonists in Digimon Data Squad. Although a genius, he's extremely bitter and cowardly, seeing Digimon as a menace and seeks to destroy them mercilessly. In Digimon Masters he assigns many of the Main Quests for DATS, usually involving killing large groups of digimon and collecting items or data for his research. Later in the game, at the Infinite Ice Wall map, he'll reveal that he has made Gizumon AT and Gizumon XT, two strong digimon made only to destroy.