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Mercenary Digimon are Digimon obtained by the hatching of certain DigiEggs. Once hatched, they may be raised similarly to the player's Starter Digimon.

Mercenary Digimon may have forms beyond their Mega stage known as Side Mega or Burst Mode. In general, Side Mega is of roughly equal strength to Mega as it is a variant Mega form (on the side, so to speak), while Burst Mode is usually more powerful than either.

Exclamation Mark.png Note: The available default statistics for mercenaries are those of a fictive 100% sized Digimon, in order to retrieve your digimon's stats, you'll need to apply its own size percentage. Be aware that there may be an inaccuracy of 1point or less, because the statistics varies along centimeters.

The player may carry two Mercenary Digimon in addition to the Starter Digimon, for a total of 3 on the field at any time. A 4th slot for Mercenary Digimon can be unlocked via CashShop item in both kDMO (Jan 1, 2014 update) and gDMO (Feb 25, 2014 update).

List of Mercenary Digimon

Side Mega.png Side Mega Only available in gDMO! gDMO Exclusive Rideable Rideable
Burst Mode.png Burst Mode Only available in kDMO! kDMO Exclusive Rideable (kDMO only!) Rideable in kDMO
Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Side Mega/Burst Mode (item) Jogress Armor
Agumon (Classic) Greymon MetalGreymon WarGreymon Side Mega.png Rideable VictoryGreymon (Dramon Breaker) Omnimon
Arkadimon[1] Arkadimon (Champion)[1] Arkadimon (Ultimate)[1] Arkadimon (Mega)[1]
Armadillomon Ankylomon Shakkoumon Vikemon Shakkoumon (Jogress) Submarimon
Digmon (Armor)
Betamon Rideable Seadramon MegaSeadramon MetalSeadramon Burst Mode.png Rideable[2] GigaSeadramon (Giga Scale)
Burst Mode.png Apocalymon (Free of Regression)
Bearmon Rideable Grizzlymon GrapLeomon Rideable DinoTigermon Side Mega.png BanchouLeomon (Gaku-ran)
Only available in kDMO!Burst Mode.png Marsmon (Tri-Knuckle)
Biyomon Birdramon Garudamon Rideable Phoenixmon Burst Mode.png Ornismon (Ornismon Wing)
BlackAgumon[3][4] BlackGreymon[3][4] MetalGreymon (Virus)[3][4] BlackWarGreymon[3][4]
BlackGabumon[5] BlackGarurumon[5] BlackWereGarurumon[5] Rideable[2] BlackMetalGarurumon[5]
Candlemon Wizardmon Mystimon Dynasmon
CommanDramon SealsDramon TankDramon DarkDramon
DemiDevimon (Bakemon) Bakemon Pumpkinmon Boltmon
DemiDevimon (Devimon) Devimon Myotismon VenomMyotismon Burst Mode.png Rideable MaloMyotismon (Sodom and Gomorrah)[6]
DemiDevimon (Soulmon) Soulmon Phantomon Piedmon Burst Mode.png ChaosPiedmon (Trump Sword)
Burst Mode.png Apocalymon (Free of Regression)
DemiMeramon Meramon SkullMeramon Boltmon
Deputymon SuperStarmon Justimon Burst Mode.png Fujinmon (Critical Arm)
Rideable Dobermon Cerberumon Anubismon
Doggymon Cerberumon Anubismon
Dokunemon Dokugumon Archnemon Parasimon
Dorumon (DexDorugamon) DexDorugamon Rideable DexDoruGreymon DexDorugoramon Burst Mode.png Rideable Dexmon (Death X Antibody)
Dorumon (Dorugamon) Dorugamon Rideable DoruGreymon Dorugoramon
Dorumon (ReptileDramon) ReptileDramon Grademon Alphamon Alphamon Ouryuken
Dracmon Rideable (kDMO only!) Sangloupmon Matadormon GranDracmon
Dracomon (Coredramon (Blue)) Coredramon (Blue) Wingdramon Slayerdramon Only available in kDMO! Examon
Dracomon (Coredramon (Green)) Coredramon (Green) Groundramon Brakedramon Only available in kDMO! Examon
Rideable Drimogemon Digmon
Giromon HiAndromon Burst Mode.png Craniamon (Duo Solar Spear)
Elecmon Leomon Panjyamon Rideable SaberLeomon Side Mega.png BanchouLeomon (Gaku-ran)
FanBeemon Waspmon CannonBeemon TigerVespamon
Gabumon Rideable Garurumon WereGarurumon Rideable MetalGarurumon Side Mega.png Z'dGarurumon (Zd'hou) Omnimon
Gazimon[7][8] Devidramon[7][8] Mephismon[7][8] Gulfmon[7][8]
Goblimon Ogremon Etemon MetalEtemon Side Mega.png KingEtemon (Great King Suit)
Gomamon Rideable Ikkakumon Zudomon Vikemon
Gotsumon Icemon Meteormon MetalEtemon Side Mega.png KingEtemon (Great King Suit)
Guilmon Growlmon WarGrowlmon Rideable Gallantmon Burst Mode.png Gallantmon (Crimson Mode) (Gungnir)
Hagurumon (Guardromon) Guardromon Andromon HiAndromon Burst Mode.png Craniamon (Duo Solar Spear)
Hagurumon (MechaNorimon) MechaNorimon Megadramon Machinedramon Burst Mode.png Rideable Chaosdramon (Hyper Cannon)
Burst Mode.png Apocalymon (Free of Regression)
Hawkmon Aquilamon Silphymon RideablePhoenixmon Burst Mode.png Rideable[2] Valdurmon (Holy Wing) Silphymon (Jogress) Halsemon
Impmon IceDevimon SkullSatamon Rideable Beelzemon Burst Mode.png Beelzemon (Blast Mode) (Toy Gun)
Keramon Chrysalimon Infermon Diablomon Burst Mode.png Rideable Armageddemon (Black Tentacle)
Kiwimon Shinduramon
Blossomon Rideable Gryphonmon
Kotemon (Gladimon) Gladimon Knightmon LordKnightmon
Kotemon (Musyamon) Musyamon Asuramon Zanbamon
Kunemon Flymon Okuwamon GrandKuwagamon
Lopmon Wendigomon Antylamon Cherubimon
Turuiemon Antylamon (Deva) Side Mega.png Cherubimon (White) (Angel's Ring)
Monodramon Strikedramon Cyberdramon Justimon Burst Mode.png Fujinmon (Critical Arm)
Mushroomon Woodmon Argomon (Ultimate) Argomon (Mega)
Otamamon Gekomon ShogunGekomon Pukumon
Palmon (Togemon) Togemon Lillymon MarineAngemon
Palmon (Woodmon) Woodmon Cherrymon Puppetmon Burst Mode.png AncientTroiamon (Trojan Horse)
Burst Mode.png Apocalymon (Free of Regression)
Patamon Angemon MagnaAngemon Seraphimon Burst Mode.png ShadowSeraphimon (Shadow Wing) Shakkoumon (Jogress) Pegasusmon
Psychemon Astamon Belphemon (Sleep Mode) Burst Mode.pngBelphemon (Rage Mode) (Alarm Clock)
Renamon Rideable Kyuubimon Taomon Sakuyamon Burst Mode.png Kuzuhamon (Monk's Staff)
Ryuudamon Rideable (kDMO only!) GinRyuumon HisyaRyuumon Rideable OuRyuumon Alphamon Ouryuken
Salamon (BlackGatomon) BlackGatomon LadyDevimon Minervamon
Salamon (Gatomon) Gatomon Angewomon Rideable MagnaDramon Side Mega.png Ophanimon (Holy Spear) Silphymon (Jogress) Nefertimon
Only available in kDMO! Salamon (Mikemon)[9] Only available in kDMO! Mikemon[9] Only available in kDMO! Beastmon[9] Only available in kDMO! Laylamon[9]
Sharmamon Apemon Mammothmon SkullMammothmon
Starmon SuperStarmon Justimon Burst Mode.png Fujinmon (Critical Arm)
Only available in kDMO! Swimmon[10] Only available in kDMO! Tylomon[10] Only available in kDMO! Whamon[10] Only available in kDMO! Neptunemon[10]
Tentomon Kabuterimon MegaKabuterimon HerculesKabuterimon Burst Mode.png TyrantKabuterimon (Tyrant Crow)
Terriermon Gargomon Rapidmon MegaGargomon Burst Mode.png Rideable BlackMegaGargomon (BlackMega Wing)[1]
Tsukaimon Devimon SkullSatamon Murmukusmon
Veemon (Ex-Vmon) ExV-mon Paildramon Rideable Imperialdramon (Dragon Mode) Side Mega.png Imperialdramon (Fighter Mode)
Burst Mode.png Rideable Imperialdramon (Paladin Mode) (Omega Blade)[11]
Veemon (Veedramon) Veedramon AeroVeedramon UlforceVeedramon Flamedramon
Wormmon Stingmon JewelBeemon GrandisKuwagamon

Spirit Digimon

Only available in kDMO!Arbormon
Only available in kDMO!Gigasmon
Only available in kDMO!Grottomon
Only available in kDMO!KaizerGreymon
Only available in kDMO!Korikakumon
Only available in kDMO!Kumamon
Only available in kDMO!Petaldramon
Only available in kDMO!Zephyrmon

Only available in kDMO!Xros Digimon

Rookie - Mega Xros Xros
Ballistamon Shoutmon X2 Shoutmon X3

Event/Special Digimon*

In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Side Mega.png / Burst Mode.png Jogress Information
Azulongmon (Champion)[12] Azulongmon (Mega)[12] Only available in kDMO!Fanglongmon Only in Cash Shop
Baihumon (Champion) Baihumon (Mega) Only available in kDMO!Fanglongmon Only in Cash Shop
Ebonwumon (Champion) Ebonwumon (Mega) Only available in kDMO!Fanglongmon Only in Cash Shop
Gizumon AT Gizumon XT Reward from random, luck-based GDMO events
Gomamon Mojyamon Piximon Jijimon Only in Cash Shop
Kamemon Gwappamon Shawujingmon JumboGamemon Buy from Digicore Merchant for Currency Digicore.png × 10 (or Currency Digicore.png × 300 for 100% up to Phase 3)
Kudamon Reppamon Chirinmon Kentaurosmon Reward from random, luck-based GDMO events
Lucemon Lucemon Falldown Mode Burst Mode.png Lucemon Satan Mode (Gehenna)
Burst Mode.png Lucemon Larva Mode (Source of Darkness)
Only in Cash Shop
PawnChessmon (Black) Rideable KnightChessmon (Black) RookChessmon QueenChessmon Buy from Digicore Merchant for Currency Digicore.png × 10 (or Currency Digicore.png × 100 for 100% up to Phase 3) and it is Dropable now
PawnChessmon (White) Rideable KnightChessmon (White) BishopChessmon KingChessmon Buy from Digicore Merchant for Currency Digicore.png × 10 (or Currency Digicore.png × 100 for 100% up to Phase 3)
Syakomon Gesomon MarineDevimon Leviamon Only in Cash Shop
Tanemon Tanemon (Champion) Tanemon (Ultimate) Tanemon (Mega) Reward from event quest and it is Dropable now
ToyAgumon ToyAgumon (Ultimate) Only in Cash Shop at GDMO and Dropable in KDMO
Tsukaimon[13][14] Devimon[13][14] NeoDevimon[13][14] Daemon[13][14] Burst Mode.png Daemon (Beast Mode) (Furious Claw)[15] Only in Cash Shop
Zhuqiaomon (Champion) Zhuqiaomon (Mega) Only available in kDMO!Fanglongmon Only in Cash Shop

* Can only be obtained through the Cash Shop or from events.

Starter Digimon

Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Side Mega/Burst Mode (item)
Agumon GeoGreymon RizeGreymon ShineGreymon ShineGreymon (Burst Mode)
Gaomon Gaogamon MachGaogamon MirageGaogamon MirageGaogamon (Burst Mode)
Falcomon Peckmon Crowmon Ravemon Ravemon (Burst Mode)
Lalamon SunFlowmon Lilamon Rosemon Rosemon (Burst Mode)

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